Postdoctoral positions available

Our lab dedicates to understand transcriptional regulation using X-ray crystallography, computational and biochemical approaches. We are interested in how transcription factors and cofactors work together to form high-order regulatory assemblies on gene promoters in eukaryote cells.  We also investigate how the extracellular signals are sensed and transferred to a specific set of transcription factors in prokaryote cells. These processes involve ligand-protein and protein-protein interactions that are tightly associated with cell membranes. Those who have a Ph.D in biology, bioinformatics or chemistry are welcome. Experience in protein biochemistry and/or cell biology is in higher priority. Training in crystallography is a big plus, but not required.

Xiamen island is the most beautiful city, and Xiamen University has one of few best university campus over China. It is so comfortable to live that it grows a big foreigner community.  Please see for university and for Xiamen.

Successful candidates will be provided with a standard package from Xiamen University including convenient low-cost apartment, medical insurance and family assistance. In particular, those who recently graduate from world top 100 universities are qualified for a stimulatory salary of at least 200,000 RMB a year. If interested, please send your CV and contacts of 3 referees to Dr. Aidong Han through